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26-servo controller   Oct 27,2004
     Not cheap, but if you've got a lot of servos to control, it's not a bad deal. Thanks to Jamie Allen for the link.

Continuous rotation servomotors   Sep 1,2003
      Acroname's pre-hacked servos...

Disk Drive Stepper Motors   Sep 29,2003
     How To use Disk Drive Stepper Motors - An exhaustive page on how to scavenge motors from old disk drives.... Here's another good example of stepper control, courtesy of James Tu.

Ferretronics Servo Controller Chip   Sep 13,2003
      Ferretronics' Servo controller - controls 5 servos via RS-232...

HVW Technologies   Aug 28,2003
     HVW Technologies - Robotics sensors and motors, kits, and books. They carry some simple RF modules, and some nice accelerometers and FSR's, among other things.

Hacking a Servomotor   Sep 13,2003
      Hacking A Servomotor by Kevin Ross Mekatronix' notes on Hacking servos for continuous rotation Acroname's notes on hacking servos for continous rotation Mekatronix' pre-hacked servos [go to parts / servos]...

Micromo   Aug 28,2003
      Micromo - really small motors...

Mondotronics Robot Store   Aug 28,2003
     Mondotronics - lots of robotics kits; makers and distributors of muscle wire. Motors too.

Motor Control with the BX-24   Sep 1,2003
     An example of motor control using the BX-24, with feedback about the motor position.

Nifty DC motor driver   Oct 10,2004
     It fits perfectly into a servo body, in place of the servo driver board, so you can convert a servo into a 360-degree gearhead motor.... My L293 arrived, along with two modified servos from Solarbotics, and it's incredibly simple to solder and put together.

Pololu   Oct 4,2003
     Pololu sells parts and electronics for robots, many of which are useful in physical computing. They have some nice motor control boards, gearboxes, and circuit boards.

Roboteq motor controllers   Sep 25,2004
     Roboteq makes really heavy duty motor controllers, for industrial-grade mechanics. They're not cheap, but if you need a 120-amp controller, they've got you covered.

Seattle Robotics' notes on how   Oct 10,2004
     Seattle Robotics' notes on how to hack a servo motor for continuous rotation. Thanks to Amos Bloomberg for the link.

Seetron   Aug 30,2003
      Scott Edwards Electronics - Stamp-friendly components, including LCD serial displays...

Servo City   Aug 28,2003
     Servo City - Servos, servo parts, and more.

Servo Systems   Sep 14,2003
     is a full service motion control distributor and robotic systems integrator. Lots of good motors and control systems for motors.

Solarbotics   Aug 28,2003
     Solarbotics - They sell parts for solar powered robots, including some good small motors, whisker switches, and more.

Total Robots   Jan 8,2004
     Total Robots has sensors, IR communication modules, RF modules, GPS modules, motor controllers, and more. Some nice servo controllers as well.

Vantech   Aug 28,2003
      Vantech - High-end remote Control motors and toys and robots...